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 A deeply relaxing session of natural healing originating from Japan and now popular world wide.

Reiki practitioners undergo attunement to a universal healing energy.

This can be best described as the balanced healthy state that we all have the potential to achieve.

In a session I feel any imbalances in the energy of the client and allow the reiki to flow through and re-balance that energy and help the client to awaken the healing process. This can work on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level.

A session lasts an hour and I always allow time after to discuss any feelings and experiences if desired.

Treatments are available from my home treatment room or I offer a convenient mobile service

Evening appointments are available to help those that are working in the daytime

Dover based, I also cover Deal, Folkestone, Hythe and villages towards Canterbury

If you are a visitor to Dover or passing through, I can arrange an appointment

I also have contacts with colleagues covering a range of other therapies, should you need referral


Please ring Jeff on 01304 212 286 or 07740 121 845 to book an appointment or discuss your treatment
in further detail. Alternatively, email me here